Qualities of ADHD

Qualities of ADHD

We can often overlook, or not value, the uniqueness of ADHD traits as it can often be so overwhelming living with the disability on a daily basis. Here are a few positive and not so positive attributes and how they effect behaviours.

There are many positive attributes that those with ADHD possess, but they are often overlooked as ADHD is perceived, generally, in a negative light. ADHD-ers are generally creative thinkers and often bring about change in procedures, invention and innovation when they become hyper focused on a topic that interests them. They can lead the way as they have less fear that holds them back, and when nurtured have a bubbly and energetic vibe that can make everyone around them happy.
– Are generally creative original thinkers; don’t follow blindly
– Always questioning
– Have positive energy abilities
– Very big hearted and generous
– There is just something about them – charisma / aura about them
– Crazy outlooks and imagination. With the correct guidance, understanding and scaffolding they can achieve great success as they are less fearful.
– They can become highly successful people in their fields of interest
– Can be super focused

Not so positive:
Every single person in the world has “annoying” characteristics but sometimes the consistency and how it impairs ADHD-ers life can attribute to not so positive qualities. Such as not being able to organise oneself, this can lead to always being late or not completing task in time and losing a job, Not being able to focus or pay attention – especially if they are not interested in the subject can affect being able to form personal bonds with people, as we need to feel like we are listened to and are understood, sometimes this is a hard emotion to display at the right time to a friend or family member and then they are left feeling ignored by the person with ADHD. This feeling is also compounded from the ADHD-ers lack of awareness, they don’t notice your feelings, don’t realise their actions are socially unacceptable so they can’t fix or prevent the problems from happening in the first place.
– Impulsive, hyperactive, disruptive
– Find it difficult getting organised, prioritising activities in order to have a better outcome.
– Major hassles managing time, completing tasks in required prompt manor.
– Lack of awareness, in their behaviours and environments social settings can have a negative impact on others – this often results in inappropriate, socially awkward moments,
– Often forgetful, often late
– Inconsistent planning, preparation and follow through on many life tasks.

Often all that is needed to improve living with ADHD is understanding, a disability perspective and implementing scaffolding and tools that can aid in all the areas that are affected.


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