Weekly Support Group Meetings

Spend time with people dealing with the same experiences as you are. You never know who you’ll meet or the informational gem you could take home!

Educational courses

The DSM (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) states that ADHD treatment is to monitor, medicate and educate; currently the education is lacking to non-existent. We aim to change that, click on our page to find a course that suits you and your family.

Social Gatherings for ADHD children

Come and enjoy an environment where you and your child feels welcome and accepted, not excluded and judged. Check out what’s on and coming up at our social gathering page.

Sibling support and education on ADHD programs

Dealing with an ADHD child not only effects them and you as their parent, but also their sibling(s). In these programs we aim to allow siblings to have their say while bringing awareness on what ADHD is and how this condition can affect them, whilst providing strategies they can implement so they feel more in control. This is designed to provide benefit to the whole family by helping to demystify the effects of ADHD on the family group/dynamics.

Monthly Children's Support group meetings

This is a online group where once a month children with ADHD come together to share their stories, worries and interact with other children who are living with the same diagnosis as them.

One on one consultations

If you are uncomfortable in group settings or the time of meetings/events doesn’t suit your calendar you can use this service to customize meetings and book a date and time that is more convenient to you.